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The Standard For Accounts Payable Audit Recovery Firms

As a founder of the audit recovery industry, John Cook formed FlexTecs, a global Accounts Payable Audit Recovery Firm. The objective of FlexTecs is to “Help Companies Help Themselves”, by improving their internal controls of disbursements across the various divisions of their organization. FlexTecs achieves this by performing a recovery audit, either in collaboration with a client’s internal team that is assigned audit recovery functions or as a traditional Accounts Payable Audit Recovery Firm. Through the use of FlexTecs’  proprietary audit tools, the focus is not only to recover monies where errors are found, but to also recover these dollars in the current year. When systemic or procedural weaknesses are discovered, we work to identify the root causes of those errors and help the client correct the problem and control the leakage.

Internal Audit Recovery Solutions

We help maximize internal recoveries with our proprietary audit tools and services, in real-time, before it even gets to a post audit firm.

Audit Tools

The FlexTecs Audit Technology Platform is a portfolio of web-delivered tools that can be tailored to each individual client.

Scanning Services

FlexTecs provides the labor force to prep, index and scan archival records, and delivers images in a hosted environment or re-integartes in to existing systems.


FlexTecs solves internal issues to reduce external post audit expenditures. We provide both internal and external recovery audits. Our internal recovery audit is done in collaboration with our client’s internal team that is assigned audit recovery functions. Our external recovery audit is done in real-time to capture overpayments in the current year at an overall reduced cost of recovery.

AP Audit | Audit Recovery: Initial Recovery Audit External: Traditional Primary or Secondary Audit Internal: Augment Internal Recovery Audit Tools & Technology: Web enabled Audit tools for Internal or External use

FlexTecs Provides Insight:Complete Management ReportLeakage Assessment & RecommendationsProcess & Technology ImprovementsReverse Engineering of External Claims

FlexTecs Delivers Solutions:Continuous "Real-Time" Audit on an on-going basisCustomized Audit Tools & Exception ReportsCustomized Trading Modules; rebates, pricing, contractsBusiness Process Improvements or IT "Fixes"