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The Global Leader in Recovery Audit Technologies and Services

In 2011, our founders formed Flexible Technology Solutions (FlexTecs) with an unwavering commitment to help large retail and consumer businesses take back end-to-end control of their Accounts Payable, Expense Payable, and Merchandise transactions and retain more of their cash within their own business, within the current business cycles. FlexTecs provides powerful, custom-configured technology solutions directly to clients’ internal teams and/or provides global production support to assist with the internal programs.  In cases where large retail and consumer businesses continue to desire an external recovery program, FlexTecs deploys experienced domain experts, global production resources, and the same technology tools offered to our client teams to deliver a continuous recovery and prevention program in fractions of the time and expense of a traditional annual or semi-annual “post audit.”

Internal Recovery and Prevention Solutions

FlexTecs provides powerful technology tools and services to empower our clients’ internal post audit and prevention teams.

Audit Technologies and Services

The FlexTecs Audit Technology Platform is a portfolio of cloud-based tools that can be tailored to each individual client.

Scanning Services

FlexTecs provides the resources to prep, index and scan archival records, and delivers images in a hosted environment or re-integrates in to existing systems.