Audit Recovery Technology IT Solutions Overview

FlexTecs is a technology service and solutions company offering IT expertise to our clients. FlexTecs engages regularly with CFOs and CIOs to assist in identifying, understanding and controlling systemic leakages.  We understand the pressure and need to continue to find ways to deliver value to your business within the constraints of tight budgets and resources.

FlexTecs provides best-in-class IT services using an onshore-offshore model with onshore teams located in client markets and offshore teams in India and Nepal.  This onshore-offshore model allows us to deliver IT solutions with an optimum cost model for our clients.

Our expertise spans multiple technology platforms including Microsoft, JAVA/J2EE, legacy, middleware, databases, mobile and other cutting edge programming languages / technology platforms.

IT Services

Application Development and Maintenance

  • New Product/Custom Application Development
  • Product Advancement / Migrations/Enhancements
  • 24×7 Support


  • IT Strategy Development and Assessment
  • Solution Design
  • Project Management

Validation and Verification

  • Test Planning & Management
  • Test Automation
  • Specialized Testing

IT Solutions

Leakage Control

Workflow Automation

  • Supplier Management
  • Trade Supplier Collaboration
  • Deals Management
  • Trade Process Automation

Document Management

Outsourced Process Management

  • Managed Internal Recovery Audit
  • Managed AP function
  • Statement Reconciliation
  • Fraud Detection

Leakage Prevention

  • Real Time Transaction Review
  • Data Capture and Synchronisation
  • Root Cause Identification and Solution Recommendations