FlexTecs Audit Technology Platform Overview

The FlexTecs Audit Technology Platform (ATP) is a combination of Audit/IT Services and Tools that delivers best-in-class audit results tailored to your specific challenges.

FLEXTECS has developed a rich portfolio of recovery audit applications that are an integral part of our complete audit tools package.  These applications are developed on a core platform that we customize to fit your needs.

Extended Audit Service and IT Support

FlexTecs believes that in addition to tools, audit teams need solid IT Support and broad Audit Insights that come from working with audits across companies and industries.  With FlexTecs ATP audit tool, you get direct access to our audit and IT expertise and support.  Think of FlexTecs’ ATP audit tool as your extended IT department.

ATP Adapts to Meet the Changing Audit Environment

The Accounts Payable audit process is dynamic and constantly changing.  Systems, data, people and processes change.  Rules and policies change.  Audit tools and logic must change with them.  FlexTecs will continue to work with you throughout your audit to accommodate those changes any time they occur.

FlexTecs uses a Rapid Application Development (RAD) process to design, modify and validate audit routines and concepts quickly.  Audit routines are developed through a collaborative effort between your team and our IT and audit experts.  The RAD approach allows us to share results early and often during development.  Insights and ideas from the collective team help pinpoint issues and refine reports.

ATP Delivers Real Results 

FlexTecs’ ATP audit tool is currently in use by internal and external recovery groups serving multi-billion dollar retailers.  Using ATP, our clients have been able to increase recoveries by as much as 50% without adding additional staff.

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