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3 Reasons to Use an Email Audit Tool

With the changes in technology continuing to develop at an exciting pace, the need for additional tools to protect against leakage are becoming increasingly necessary. An email audit tool provides a simple and clean opportunity for businesses to recover lost income. There are several platforms to consider using an email audit tool.

FlexEmail is an email audit tool designed specifically for accounts payable recovery auditing. The ability to access and research email greatly improves the ability to find claims and decreases the labor costs required to gather supporting documentation for identified claims.

Flextecs Email Audit Tools strengthen internal recovery functions that are compatible with for Microsoft Exchange, Unified Communications and Blackberry software.

There are 3 important reasons why an email audit tool should be implemented to maximize internal audits:

1) Corporate Savings

Introducing an email audit tool is an internal solution. As your internal audit systems improve, savings from external third party audits are much more likely. Email audit tools that can compare SKU, UPC lists and email content and aggregate that information into a searchable web application allow for the recovery of lost income to happen much more effectively.

2) Find Errors – Faster

An email audit tool is able to improve audit capabilities from within an organization’s proprietary platform. The result? Finding mistakes closer to the transaction and reducing the volume of claims written by external firms. This “Real Time” auditing method can produce results on a quarterly and even monthly basis.

3) End Third Party Dependance

When an email audit tool is used, a long term solution is implemented. Instead of complicated reports and RFPs, an email audit tool used in tandem with other internal tools will fix the leakage through online based communication platforms.



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As Chief Financial Officer of a large retail corporation in the 1980’s, John Cook had a strategic vision that technology could completely change the accounts payable audit recovery industry. Mr. Cook’s vision became a reality in 1991, when he co-founded the Profit Recovery Group International Inc. (Now PRGX Global). Cook guided PRG from a small enterprise with $5 million in annual revenue into an international, publicly held corporation with 2004 revenues of approximately $357 million, with operations in over 40 countries and approximately 2,800 employees.Prior to PRG, Mr. Cook held a number of top financial and management positions in the retail industry, including senior vice president and CFO of Caldor Stores, a division of The May Department Stores Co., and senior vice president of finance of Kaufman’s Department Stores, another May division. He also held the position of President of Eaton Corp.’s automotive division. Mr. Cook holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Saint Louis University. He is a member of the University’s board of trustees and serves on the executive advisory board of its school of business and administration, which is named the John Cook School of Business in recognition of his notable contributions to the University