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Accounts Payable Post Audit Recovery Companies & Peers:

Here at Flextecs, we pride ourselves in providing solutions that are not offered by our peers. Below is a list of relevant post audit recovery firms that you should consider when choosing a team to complete your audit recovery.

  1. Flextecs | Flexible Technology Solutions
  2. Apex Analytixs :
  3. Connolly :
  4. Audit Technology Group :
  5. Gold Prairie :

AP “Accounts Payable” Post Audit Recovery Firms

After reviewing the players, we hope that you consider Flextecs as a viable option when completing your post audit recovery. We work are to be one of the only AP “Accounts Payable” Post Audit Recovery Companies that look for system inefficiencies and provide executable solutions.

Flextecs was founded in 2006 as a spin-off of the world’s largest Recovery Audit company by former senior executives. We have grown exponentially and work with an array of Fortune 500 firms. We are proud to be a profitable business with no debt. With over 12 years of recovery audit and scanning services experience, we lead the development seen in the recovery audit industry. We offer a team of highly experienced professionals with significant experience in Accounts Payable Post Audit Recovery solutions for large corporations as well as a record of successful careers in leading-edge technology and application development. We use the latest in Microsoft Team Development Software and reliable hardware. Our team approach to auditing takes the audit recovery experience to the next level.

Contact Jason Palangio for more information on our audit recovery and document services.

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As Chief Financial Officer of a large retail corporation in the 1980’s, John Cook had a strategic vision that technology could completely change the accounts payable audit recovery industry. Mr. Cook’s vision became a reality in 1991, when he co-founded the Profit Recovery Group International Inc. (Now PRGX Global). Cook guided PRG from a small enterprise with $5 million in annual revenue into an international, publicly held corporation with 2004 revenues of approximately $357 million, with operations in over 40 countries and approximately 2,800 employees.Prior to PRG, Mr. Cook held a number of top financial and management positions in the retail industry, including senior vice president and CFO of Caldor Stores, a division of The May Department Stores Co., and senior vice president of finance of Kaufman’s Department Stores, another May division. He also held the position of President of Eaton Corp.’s automotive division. Mr. Cook holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Saint Louis University. He is a member of the University’s board of trustees and serves on the executive advisory board of its school of business and administration, which is named the John Cook School of Business in recognition of his notable contributions to the University