The FlexTrack Claims Management System allows auditors to enter and track claims over the course of the claim life cycle.  Using a series of claim statuses.  Claims can be associated with specific vendors and are tracked by claim type, amount, date, auditor, status and other criteria.  Claim Types and Claim Statuses can be configured to suit your particular needs.

Claims can be shared with the Buyer and Vendor community via email using secure links that expire over time.  In addition to tracking claims, auditors can attach comments and documentation to support the claims.

Basic features:

  • Claim input with real time update of status, approval and adjustments
  • Track notes and follow-ups
  • Attach any document for historical information
  • Standard reports such as summary by vendor, claim type, status, etc.
  • Export data
  • Secured for internet transactions (Https/SSL, multi-layered firewalled architecture)
  • Buyer/Vendor access through emailed URLs that expire over time and provide limited access to specific claims
  • Simple to use reporting features including reports on auditor productivity
  • Audit trails for transparency of user interaction