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Email contains a significant amount of information needed by an Accounts Payable audit team.  Attachments and content within buyer emails often include items such as price sheets, contracts, deal negotiations and clarifications. Finding, organizing and using these documents is key to successful auditing, but it is a challenge with traditional email systems such as Outlook. An email audit tool will help audit closer to the transaction and reduce the volume of claims written by external firms.

No matter how big the haystack, we bring the needle to you. 

FlexEmail is an email audit tool designed specifically for accounts payable recovery auditing. The ability to access and research email greatly improves the ability to find claims and decreases the labor costs required to gather supporting documentation for identified claims.

New regulatory requirements regarding internal controls and disclosure obligations create the need for comprehensive email management.  In today’s world, over 95% of the communications between merchants and vendors is by way of email.  The inability to access these emails not only reduces the information necessary to find claims but also increases the labor cost required to gather supporting documentation for claims found.

Having trouble getting corporate approval to use email in your Audit?

Legal and HR departments are rightly concerned about the personal nature of email and the confidentiality of the information contained in them.  FlexTecs has worked with numerous clients to overcome these hurdles by explaining safeguards and methods we use to extract and maintain emails used in the audit process.

Concerned about emails that should not be included in the Audit?

FlexEmail’s email audit tool  is unique in its ability to apply client specific EXCLUSION/INCLUSION filtering to the email and attachments prior to the loading of the search and view application.  This ensures that sensitive information is eliminated from the system.  Using a keyword exclusion list, we are able to remove emails containing sensitive keywords.   In addition, we have the option of  including only those emails (and attachments) containing any words from a pre-defined list of keywords pertinent to the recovery audit process as defined by the client.

This process can take place internally or externally to the client’s system and is highly secure in both cases.  FlexEmail’s email audit tool is not invasive to the client’s email system because the data is normally gathered from backup datasets where duplicates are eliminated.  The data can be from any format, such as Outlook, Exchange, Notes, MSG, etc.

The FlexEmail’s email audit tool is a thin client browser delivered application that simplifies the research for information regarding pricing conversations and other audit related text.  In addition to the normal information available on email and the attachments, FlexEmail also allows the user to categorize email and attachments based on keywords and phrases typically found in conversation and attached documents. Clients can setup their own status codes to facilitate the normal workflow process of the audit related to researching email and attachments.

Finally, FlexEmail’s email audit tool provides an additional capability to apply forensic analytics to email content that is not normally provided by other software.   This process allows the client to define types of documents, unstructured text and even bar-codes that identify documents that may contain pricing, allowance or special agreements with vendors that may not have been addressed during the normal business cycle.  In addition, the software can match the client’s entire item SKU, STYLE and UPC list to the email content and identify all references to the list and make them searchable in the web application.

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