FlexTools is an essential part of the FlexTecs Audit Technology Platform designed to deliver exception reports and related research data. FlexTools is a web application that allows your auditors to review and validate potential claims. FlexTools includes a set of standard exception reports and can be configured to host any number of custom routines developed by our audit and IT experts.

One-Stop Shop

Tired of moving back and forth between systems to research and validate claims?

FlexTools ┬ánot only provides quick access to exception reports, but it also gets you right to research data you need to validate exceptions. With FlexTools, your team doesn’t have to jump around between different systems. Want to view a copy of an invoice? With access to your images or your imaging system interfaces, FlexTools can make it happen. Auditors can have access to all types of data right from any page within FlexTools.

Easy to Use

Simple navigation with highlighting and drill-down functions makes it easy for auditors to see the pertinent data and access related information. For instance, when reviewing a pricing exception, it may be important to see a snapshot of Receiving and PO data for a particular time frame. With FlexTools, it’s only a click away. Your data, your way.


Customized by You

The FlexTecs platform allows us to with directly with your team to build exception reports that meet your specific business rules and then configure the audit review screens the way you want to see them.  System fields can be easily transformed into audit-friendly fields with formatting, name changes, color coding, etc.

Why not give it a try?