Moving Closer to the Transaction

Retailers and other companies can now see their recoveries returned to them quicker by moving to “Real-Time”, with audit activities taking place on a quarterly or even monthly basis right behind the transaction. This quicker pace of recovery provides for better relationships with key vendors or suppliers by addressing potential errors in a timely manner. The FlexTecs model goes beyond anything else currently offered in the industry. Our approach includes our proprietary Audit Technology Platform that enables the audit to take place in “Real-Time”. However, our “Real Time” audit is more than just an automated tool set, but includes FlexTecs audit experts performing audit functions on a monthly or quarterly basis as well.

The FlexTecs “Real Time” audit focuses on getting our clients caught up on previous fiscal years not yet audited, and then moving directly in to “Real Time”. The “Real Time” audit may take the form of FlexTecs performing a primary audit for a client directly behind the transaction, with audit activity happening on a quarterly or even monthly basis. Alternatively, the “Real Time” audit may take the form of FlexTecs staff and a client’s internal audit group working collaboratively on maximizing internal recoveries directly behind the transactions.