Outsourced, Web-hosted Document Management Solutions

Document Management Process

The service FlexTecs provides to a Document Management client typically consists of the steps listed below. While this may be the “normal” service, FlexTecs develops customized applications to fulfill a client’s individual requirements.

  1. Documents are collected, packaged in boxes provided by Flextecs, and shipped
  2. Client uses a Web site provided by FlexTecs to track boxes being shipped
  3. If WORKFLOW is involved, invoices are collected from PO box, sorted, and scanned
  4. Boxes are received at FlexTecs and reconciled to the shipping Web site
  5. Documents are sorted, prepped, scanned, and quality controlled
  6. Images are indexed or if WORKFLOW is used, data entry and validation are performed
  7. Images & related indexes are stored on a server and replicated to COLO Web sites
  8. FlexTecs provides “Total Redundancy” with three (3) replicated Web server sites
  9. FlexTecs provides unlimited access, no seat licensing, ASP applications to its clients
  10. Client has instant access to all documents on a 24/7 SSL secured Web site